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UPSAC in conjunction with the Santa Barbara County Parks Department has designed, opened and now operates the Goleta Pier Angler Center (GPAC). Pier space and the GPAC structure are provided by the County Parks. The center promotes sustainable pier fishing and angler education. During the day, when open, the center provides information on species of fish caught from shore, California Department of Fish & Game Fishing regulations, tackle and line recycling management, and loaner fishing tackle for kids.

The center is a unique partnership between the Santa Barbara County Parks and United Pier and Shore Anglers of California and is designed to provide a community multi-purpose marine center to be used for a variety of activities.

  • Teach both new and experienced anglers how to be successful using environmentally friendly techniques and equipment, i.e., circle hooks and barbless hooks.
  • Help anglers and other visitors have a better appreciation and understanding of the marine environment found at piers like Goleta as well as the relationship locally between the Goleta Slough (nursery area), Goleta Bay (and kelp), adjacent pipe-reef, and sandy-shore bottom environment.
  • Overseeing the UPSAC Line Recycle Project and line bins designed to prevent injury to sea birds from stray fishing line.
  • Be an on-site resource for both California Fish and Game and NOAA publications. Included will be fishery regulation booklets, fish identification charts, and pamphlets showing safe catch-and-release practices and how to safely handle birds.
  • Provide a pier host to help clean the pier as well as be an additional eye for both security and maintenance issues.

The overall goal is to make Goleta Pier a safe and an enjoyable place to fish as well as an example for other piers.