Current Projects

Initial Projects

  • Involvement in the statewide shore/beach clean-up days (with other organizations) along with the development of a statewide “Clean the Piers” day under the direction of UPSAC.
  • Installation of “fish rulers” on every pier to assist anglers in the measuring of fish.
  • Work with the Department of Fish and Game (possibly the Marine Outreach Program) to reprint and distribute the department’s fish identification sheets (in English and Spanish).
  • Development and organization of an “Adopt-A-Pier” concept.
  • Links with children’s fishing groups and other pier and shore fishing organizations.
  • Survey of pier and beach use by anglers to update those done by the Department of Fish and Game in the ’50s, ’60s and ’80s (limited).

Short/Long Term Projects

  • Installation (under Plexiglas) of the main fishing regulations and pictures of the most frequently caught fish — for every pier, and chosen beach and shoreline areas.
  • Development and distribution of learning materials in how to fish/conservation/ aquatic ecology. Including specific lesson plans and techniques to implement the material as new classes or as part of on-going classes.
  • Work with the California Department of Education to institute nature study and/or environmental study classes in high schools.
  • Development of a picture book for kids (and non-English speakers) showing proper, safe and desired fishing methods, how to safely store fish if to be eaten, ideas on how to keep our piers and shoreline areas clean, benefits of catch-and-release, and other sound fishing practices.
  • Development of a list of “endangered heritage piers” together with action plans to get them the funding and the support needed for their renovation. Examples — San Francisco Municipal Pier, Pacifica Pier, San Mateo Bridge Pier, Franklin Roosevelt Pier in Oakland.
  • Recommendations for, and development of, a mandated (short) course before an angler receives his or her first fishing license.

Long Term (or ongoing) Projects

  • Study and recommendations on the issue of “free” versus “license required” piers and jetty areas.
  • Acquisition of a “model pier” and an “education center.”
  • Acquisition of new piers and accessible shoreline areas for angling.